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China Source & Factory for Granite Marble Slate Travertine; Granite Countertops & counter top Vanity tops granite & Marble tiles slab and slate Tiles Slabs stone sink,granite marble sink bowls marble sink slate tiles slate roofing tiles flooring tiles tub surround shower panels ,all for exporting!
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Legal declaration
Your China Source & Factory for granite,marble,slate travertine, limestone, countertop and vanity, Tiles & Slabs, and more...
VCT Stone Factory have been Producing and Exporting natural stone with good Experience! Now we are exporting containers of stone through out the world, We have been expanding our inventory ever since, offering tiles and slabs of Granite, Marble, Slate, Travertine, Limestone, Quartzite, Pebble, Countertops & Vanity, Tub Surround, Island top ,and Cobblestone, Paving stone, Fireplace, and another kinds of building & Decoration Stone, from one country to 100 more Countries. We can delivery the goods to Your Door!
We are one of main Exporters & Manufacturer of Stone materials in China. In our directly factory and cooperated factory, we manufacture an excellent stone products of many items, including GRANITE, MARBLE, SLATE, QUARTZIE...
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 Countertop & Vanity
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Stone sinks / Bowls
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vctstone in China
VCT Stone shows you more information of our main products such as granite countertop and vanity ,granite slab and tile,marble tile and slab, slate products, details pls try to visit our website www.stoneowner.com and if you have any enquiry, pls try to find us granite@vctstone.com Now we try to offer you some discount if you order from us, we are directly factory, so all price are keeping competitive We especially supply material hotel project, such as countertops,vanity,tub surround And also supply paving stone,tile for big projects
China Marble Foreign Marble
There are many colors available in marble,come from China, turkey, Egype, spain,Italy,Oman,Indonisa etc . Colors can vary as the quarry can change from time to time. Different colors come from quarries all over the world. Pricing depends on how many quarries are quarrying the color at the present time. If there are a few quarries with the same colors the price is lowered. Price is determined by supply and demand usually. Marble is a natural stone in a class by itself, and for an air of sophistication and artistry, marble is the classic choice. Marble tiles and slabs are ornate and alluring with a naturally elegant appearance, and are suitable for a variety of effects. For an application such as a front hallway or foyer, marble tile flooring certainly sets an affluent and professional tone. Popular choices for unique, eye-catching statements in more casual settings as well, you can imagine the stunning effect of a marble tile floor in your kitchen, bathroom, or recreation room. Veined with rivulets of subtle color on varied background of earthy tones, marble tile flooring and marble slabs can be a subtle or a bold feature in the modern designer's vision.
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Slate is basically metamorphosed shale. Shale stone is made up of slit and clay that is similar in composition to sandstone except that the particle size is much smaller. The shale is subject to heat and pressure and the fine particles are “melted” together to form slate. Most Slates are suitable for Exterior and Interior Applications.Slate is basically metamorphosed shale. Shale stone is made up of slit and clay that is similar in composition to sandstone except that the particle size is much smaller. The shale is subject to heat and pressure and the fine particles are “melted” together to form slate. Most Slates are suitable for Exterior and Interior Applications.
China VCT Slate Factory supply you a widely slate products as follows:
   Natural slate tiles
   Mushroom Slate (Wall)
   Culture Slate (cladding tiles)
   Tumbled Random Slate (classic tiles)
   Slate Mosaic tiles
   Roofing Slate tiles
   Flag Mats Slate
   Irregular slate
   Flagstone Slate
   Slate Projects
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Vanity Islandtop Bartop Registrationdesk Table desk
VCT Stone. produces the highest quality granite countertops, Island tops, Counter top, largest variety of granite color selections. With more years of experience in the industry, we can proudly say we have made a science of fabricating granite countertops, Marble Counter tops. Our stones are directly imported from over 35 countries all over the world included China Stone directly and are available for you on the spot, in every one of our locations. This makes All Granite a true one-stop-shopping solution for your countertops, Island Top, We do varies projects such as hotel, condo, Hospital, Home , Residence and Commercial projects! What we do in size ,have 96”x25.5”, 108”x26”, 36”x96” , 30x70” etc ,also prefabricate them as per your drawing.
VCT STONE FACTORY is one of main fabricator of granite ,marble ,travertine,limestone vanity tops. Custom fabricated vanity tops in more material and colors, these all are for residence and Commercial projects ,we exported more to USA,Canada for Best-view, Hilton , Residence inn ,etc projects. These Vanity includes all kinds of typical style vanity tops, bowed vanity top, banjo vanity tops.
Stone sinks
Bowls Stone Basin
Offer you the largest selection, best quality, and styles of marble sink, granite sink, travertine sink, onyx Sinks , Natural Vessels sink, Farmhouse sinks, honey onyx sinks, travertine bowl, granite bowl, granite basin, stone basins, oval sinks, stone bathrub, stone toilet, bathroom sink, pedestal sink, farm sink, marble basins etc from China. Natural stone makes a powerful statement. Stone sinks & Bowls made out of granite, marble, travertine and onyx from Eden Bath are unique pieces of art that are hand crafted out of the finest materials nature can offer. Refining materials that have been millions of years in the making to create the ultimate bathroom vessel sinks is a goal that has been surpassed by the artisans who create our stone sinks. We offer granite sinks, marble sinks, travertine sinks, limestone sinks, sandstone sinks and onyx sinks in a variety of desirable shapes, colors and sizes.
Paving Stone
VCT supply you some paving stone and cobblestones and decorative stones for walls,driveway,street,square, etc, made from granite,marble,slate etc.
Granite Cobblestone:
Size: 15x15x10cm , 10x10x10cm, 9x9x9cm, 8x8x8cm, 7x7x5cm ,10x10x5cm and other size as per your requirement Surface: bushhammer, brush, flamed, polished, or others Paving stone, all kinds of size as per your requirement Surface: bushhammered, brush, flamed, polished ,honed or others
Granite :
yellow, green,black, grey, white,pink, red etc, but usually its grey and yellow,black(dark) colors.
Engineering Stone
Engineering Stone
Export all kinds of Engineering Stone such as Steps & Risers, Column, Pillar, Wall Stone, mosaic, medallion, stone fireplace, stone sculpture, marble sculptures, for Hotel, Condo, House, Apartment etc, suitable Decoration. WE do RESIDENCE & COMMERICIAL PROJECTS!
Travertine is a sedimentary rock, mostly made of Calcite (Calcium Carbonate), that was generated by the deposit of such mineral from hot water springs and streams pouring from them. The holes are generated either by the gasses trapped by the sediments (the vast majority), or by water plants that were trapped inside the formation and then decomposed. There have tumbled travertine, travertine tiles and slabs, travertine countertops and vanitys, Travertine Mosaic.
Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed mostly of sand-sized grains cemented by clay, silica, carbonate, or iron oxide. In most places, the majority of the constituent grains are quartz. Sandstone often contains other mineral grains such as feldspar or mica, and very small fragments of pre-existing rocks. When cemented by silica, sandstone has great strength, making it suitable for structural uses. VCT Sandstone are a Manufacturer of Sandstone tiles and Slabs ,sandstone fireplaces, Sandstone cast stone, Sandstone columns, moldings, wall caps, and mantels, Sandstone Tiles, Sandstone slabs, Flamed Sandstone, Sand-blasted Sandstone,Tumbled Sandstone , tiles and Slabs!
Granite Tiles&Slab
Granite wholesale discounter with large variety of marble tile, slate tile, granite flooring, marble flooring, travertine floor, travertine tile. VCT STONE sells and fabricates natural stone granite floor tiles and slabs building materials made from the finest granite. We specialize in hospitality, high end commercial and residential building projects serving customers across America,Europe, and more countries. Grainite tile and Granite Slabse is an excellent choice for construction projects. Our product line includes Polished tiles, polished slab, flamed tile & Slab, Sandblast granite tile & slab, all kinds of of surface can be choosed, direct to wholesaler, retailer ,hotel builder, home builders and remodelers etc. We offer a wide Color selection of Granite tiles,Slab for Wall, flooring making it a high performance choice for your building! We delivers superior quality at rock bottom prices. In addition, we offer you the flexibility to our factory!
Marble Tiles&Slab
Natural marble in its wide range of colours, texture, crystals and various finishing techniques applied permit to dress properly every type of ambience. Marble is an expressive material and by its various types can make your ambience look sophisticated or simple, warm or cool, elegant or rustic, sumptuous or minimalist. The eternal life of marble is disconnected from fashion and enhances the beauty of our environment in the most natural way.
Fireplaces carved in marble and stone, custom work and classic designs.Most of the fireplaces you see on this site are original creative designs。What we supply includes fireplace mantels, marble fireplace, fireplace accessories,granite fireplaces, sandstone fireplaces, granite fireplace etc. You can design yourself, and let us know. Or you choose our design from our website www.stone-export.com
Tub Surrounds
Tub Surround also was called Shower panel, it can be made of granite or marble, size have 79”x29”(four piece) or 82’x30” etc. Most of them are used into Hotel! Installing a tub surround is an easy way to upgrade bath and save walls from water damage. Tub surrounds come in all shapes, sizes, colors and configurations. Select the one most appropriate for your room and gather your materials and tools before beginning. A granite tub surround is installed as well as a unique fiber optic lighting system.
A Sculpture resource for all who work with natural stone - by hand, eye, or imagination.Original stone sculptures in marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, slate and dolomite. Includes gallery, carving information, and contact details.
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