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CHINA VCT MARBLE supply you Compound marble tiles and slabs ,that is the thin slab and kinds of background paste with the special glue.The Background have Granite ,Ceramic tile,
Aluminum Honeycomb panel, Aluminum Composite Panels,glass tiles etc. These Marble tiles and Panel size can be all kinds of tiles such as 60x60cm ,cut to size 12”x12” or big slab such as 800mm x 2000mm or other required size!

These Products are easy for installation and Transportation, there have following function and figure :

There are four specialties of Super-thin Stone Honeycomb Laminated Panel & Aluminum Plastic Laminated Panel:

1 Safely The standard Stone Honeycomb Laminated Panel & Aluminum Plastic Laminated only weight of building, thus greatly improves the safely of the indoor & outdoor ornamentation of high-rises.

2 Energy saving and environment protection . Especially for Aluminum Honeycomb Laminated Panels, because of its special structure ,the air Layer inside aluminum can greatly reduce the heat conduction between indoor & outdoor to save the energy. According to the mensuration , its conductive coefficient is only 1/10 of common stone panel. Further more ,this products use only 3-5 times ,thus greatly saves natural resource .

3 Excellent capability ,According to the status given by the National Testing Center for Building Materials .the capability of all kinds of Super-thin Stone Laminated Panel greatly surpasses the common stone panels (Refer to the testing report attached for detail.)

4Convenient installation. We offer various products of different specifications ,different stone surface materials and different structure forms according to customers ' demands .They are easy to install & applicable for wall and ceiling ,therefore greatly expedited the construction schedule.

Structure: It consists of a high quality aluminum sheet or an aluminum alloy sheet, and an aluminum honeycomb, which are glued and combined into one composite unit under high temperature and pressure, the aluminum honeycomb is of the most stable hexagon shape profile.
Features: light weight, high strength, excellent flatness, excellent sound and hear insulation, high shock-proof strength, water resistance, fire resistance, chemical corrosion resistant, effloresce resistance, weather proof stain resistance and easy to clean, modular construction easy for installation, environment friendly, reusable after dissembling, low installation costs.
Application: exterior & interior wall, clean room, ceiling, interior wall, office cubicles, washroom cubicles, automobiles and ships interior decoration and so on.
Maximum size: 1200mm x 6000mm
Standard thickness: 12mm,15mm,18mm,30mm,40mm,50mm,60mm,80mm
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